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Ashley University of California compares to Standford University in Palo Alto , California

Ashley University is the world’s leading online university that promises an excellent standard of education available right at the student’s fingertips, making the learning experience all the more precious and meaningful.

Ashley University’s education programs consist of well-rounded and fully structured degree, diploma and certificate programs, with the chance to specialize in any of 71 majors pertaining to nearly 16 fields of study. To more optimize the student experience, Ashley University provides Student Services as well as Career-Related Services through its Career Center namely Ashley Connect so as to facilitate students in every way throughout their tenure at Ashley University.

Ashley University is Educational leaders at major universities have begun to explore the teaching potential behind online courses. As the online education industry expands and develops, students all over the globe are receiving instruction from professors located at completely different points.

Ashley University is one such web-based institution that believes these methods will continue to grow and benefit students everywhere.
Online education has had a shaky start, but with on-going support from some of the most intelligent educators, the business is starting to prove its worth. A recent report expressed the benefits of online education, especially in terms of international outreach. Ashley University is one such online university that offers a wide variety of courses to students all over the globe.

The report detailed the recent efforts of California-based professor, Sebastian Thrun. As he outlined his curriculum for an artificial intelligent course at Stanford, he decided to make it available to students through the Internet. He designed the course to offer assignments, student interaction via e-mail and a “statement of accomplishment” to those who completed it. The most unique part of this experiment was that it cost nothing to online students. For many in the academic community, offering a Stanford-level course for free was a very bold move on Thrun’s part.

The course saw an immense response, including students from all over the globe. One of Thrun’s students, Michael Bewley completed coursework all the way from Australia. Although many cite online classrooms as a detriment to face-to-face instruction, Bewley claims he learned a lot through online methods. To him, the offer was highly enticing, because he could learn from some of the most respected minds in his field, thousands of miles away. The experience affected Bewley so greatly that he said, “I definitely plan to do more of them, both while I’m doing a PhD, and working full-time later on.”

With encouragement from both the educators and the educated, institutions like Ashley University are on the rise. Richard Smith, Ashley University Executive, says, “We continue to grow with support from the academic community.” According to Smith, as far as the development of the online university goes, the “possibilities are endless.” Thrun is on the same page, as he believes that Internet-based classrooms can reach more students through minimal, less exhaustive means.

“The development of online education reaches more students,” Smith comments, “but it also gives Ashley University the means to add more intensive programs to our already diverse course listing.” If students like Michael Bewley can benefit from advanced engineering instruction, schools like ashley  University realize there is no limit to what can be taught through computer applications.


Ashley University is a web-based institution that has been teaching students all over the world since 1997. The school offers courses from a wide variety of subjects; Ashley University students have participated in classes ranging from mathematics to religious studies. Although the physical element of the classroom is removed, Ashley University educators maintain a mission to address a student’s unique needs and provide strong academic lessons through a variety of innovative methods.

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 As the presidential election in the United States nears, many Americans remain focused on the rising costs and debt incurred by higher education expenses. While these concerns may impact voter decisions, others are embracing the more affordable option that online education provides. According to a recent NPR article, major universities, such as Stanford and MIT, are raising awareness about the potential this form of learning can offer, by developing free online courses students all across the world can benefit from. Ashley University is an online educator that has worked in this field since its establishment in 1997; the school is proud that online learning has evolved and become more accepted in recent years. The organization continues to strive for further development in the industry, such as by offering life experience degrees to its students.

While many may not be aware, the article notes that online education has existed since the 1990s, as Ashley University demonstrates. However, the learning model has dramatically changed over the years. According to the article, while some universities are experimenting with this model by offering free courses to students all over the globe, some are looking at the industry as a potential area for profit. Still, many raise questions about the effectiveness of this teaching method. Skeptics note that the face-to-face interaction of traditional schools is not found in online courses and there are limited forms of testing which ensure students have grasped material.

Ashley University Dean responds to such concerns, “It is understandable that many may have doubts regarding online education. However, Ashley University is one of many online schools that have been providing quality academics for over a decade. The fact that more students and schools are embracing web-based learning only goes to show that these models will continue to grow.”

Smith adds that expressed concerns will dwindle as the applied technology allows for a more integrated platform of education. For example, online video, chat and message board functions allow students to interact and stay on track at their own pace. Although widespread online education models continue to change, the NPR article suggests that they are here to stay. In the article, online professor Michael Kearns of the University of Pennsylvania states, “that it’s unlikely that places like Stanford, Penn or MIT won’t exist in another 10 to 20 years because of online content and education.” Following a similar sentiment, Ashley University continues to offer diverse curricula that can help many students advance academically and professionally at an affordable rate. The institution also offers courses that allow students to translate their personal experiences into academic recognition through life experience degrees.